Amazing things that many people enjoy in Cebu City

Cebu offers plenty of great activities and even more possibilities. If you are planning to visit the place, make sure to experience most of them! Due to the position of the city and climate, most of the attractions are related to water, but there are several which are more focused on land and similar activities. City tour Cebu will make all things we will discuss here easy to find.

  • Scuba diving

Scuba diving

The first and the most important to do while in Cebu is to go scuba diving. People from all parts of the world come here just to see the marine environment. The best part is the fact; there are plenty of different places where you can dive. Each one offers different advantages and different scenarios.

Capitancillo Island is the most common place where scuba divers usually come. Here, you can dive up to 50 feet below the surface, and the visibility is 30 meters. Corals, fish and the sea floor are more than just stunning. Mactan Island is a more difficult place to go for scuba diving. The maximum depth is around 180 feet, while visibility is incredible 100 meters.

  • Try Jeepney

Try Jeepney

Jeepney or better-known Jeep is a type of public transport characteristic to the Philippines, especially Cebu. It is available here and only here, so nowhere else you can try this thing. We said a thing because it is hard to define this vehicle. In essence, it is a long car which was adapted for transporting passengers. The base is usually an old Jeep or an SUV. What makes it unique are vivid colors and large openings at the back. No, there is no air conditioning nor any advanced features.

At the front, there is a place for just one passenger, but you can ride next to the driver and conductor. At the back, there is a lot of space for more than six passengers. Keep in mind that each Jeepney has a route on its side. You can see starting and finishing locations. Addition: While you are trying the public transport, make sure to try tricycles. They are more affordable, and they offer plenty of fun.

  • Visit Cebu Shopping Mall and enjoy shopping

Cebu Shopping Mall

Cebu is home to one of the largest shopping malls in the Philippines and some of the best-known shopping centers in the entire province. The first place to visit for shopping is the Cebu Shopping Mall. Here, you can find anything you like.

Shopping here is the most important thing you can do. Some items and gadgets cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. Prices are more than just affordable, and you can always have a great time with sellers. The entire shopping mall in question is focused on tourists, so you can see amusing things and enjoy this architectural wonder.

  • Go to a Zumba class

Go for a Zumba class

Zumba is one of the top skills of Philippians, so it is something you should try. Take at least one class and learn something new. The rates are more than just affordable, and there are courses at the shopping malls, at the parks and in several places across the city. Make sure to have a good night’s sleep before you go to class. It will consume most of your energy.

This activity is slightly different here than in other cities in Visaya Province. It is more intense and requires more energy. Nevertheless, it is one of the main things to try while in City of Cebu.

  • Try fantastic food

Try amazing food

It is believed that people in the city of Cebu make the best and the most delicious food in the Philippines. They also claim that they have invented plenty of different meals during the history. All of this means just one thing. You must try all of them. The main reason why is the same as with other things on the list. All foods available here are rare and unavailable in other parts of the world. The biggest question is what must be tried?

Lechon is the central element of any Cebu attraction guide, and it is the main specialty here. Obviously, you can try it anywhere you want. But, we will advise you to try whole roasted pig. The meal is delicious, and there is plenty of meat to eat. The second main type of food to work is street food. It is one of a kind, and it can be found anywhere. If you have issues finding it, just tell the driver to take you close to the Chong Hua Hospital.

  • Enjoy the sunrise

Enjoy the sunrise

Obviously, due to the position of the island, sunrises here are stunning. Believe or not, each tourist who experienced this morning wanted to come again, just for it. To help you avoid making the same mistake, we advise you to wait for the morning the first time you are here. But, there are a few tips to remember.

Always try to be in the east of the island. There the sunrises are the best. The Malapascua Island is the central location for the job. Also, bring a camera, because you will want to take a picture of it. Soon after the sunrise, water will get warm, so morning swimming is an option.

  • Eat ice-cream at IT Park

Eat ice-cream at IT park

Of all places where you can get an ice cream in Cebu, IT Park is the most recommended one. The area is entirely focused on tourists and restaurants, so you won’t have a problem eating something you like. The best ice cream and the one you must try is Brownie a la Mode. It is available at several restaurants at the IT Park, so look for it.

While you are at IT Park, make sure to explore all the sides of it. During the day, this is a business place, so it isn’t fun, but at night, it is a great party place. There are always new and friendly people here, and it is all about having great fun.

  • See the entire city from 600 meters above sea level

600 meters above sea level

Above the city is the place called Tops Lookout. You will need around 100 pesos to get in and around 150 pesos to get there, using a taxi (habal-habal). So, why you need to explore this place? It offers an amazing view which cannot be obtained anywhere else in the City of Cebu. The altitude is 600 meters above the sea level, and it allows you to see far beyond the city itself.

Make sure to get there when the weather is clear because only then you can get the view we have described. When a day is sunny, you can even see Bohol. Next, to the Tops Lookout, there are souvenir shop and a small restaurant. If you have time, spend some of it there. You probably will come here just one time.

  • Explore one of the mountains

Explore one of the mountains

There are several mountains close to the city. Usually, people spend the entire holiday on a beach and in the city itself, but real adventurers like something extraordinary. The top mountains for this activity are Manunggal and Kan Iraq. Both of them are relatively easy to explore, but the result is phenomenal.

While you are on a mountain, why not camp for a night or two? The temperatures are always warm here, and you won’t have to go far away from the city to find a great camping spot. In a matter of fact, most of them are 30 minutes outside the City of Cebu. All of this means that camping is safe and highly desirable.

  • Buy something at a local market

something at a local market

Even if you don’t need anything particular, you can still visit a local market in the downtown of the city and buy something. There are several advantages of this experience. First and foremost, it is one place in the Philippines where you can see the mixture of the culture, modern technologies, and beautiful creations. The market you must visit is called Carbon. It is known for a crowd of people who will try to sell you almost anything. A good thing is the fact prices are low, and you can even bargain to make them even lower.

Maybe the first time you are here, you will weird or strange, but give it some time. After a few minutes, you will realize how great this experience is. Almost every single person who visited the market bought something, the so chances are high that you will as well. Top tip: Always try uninterested into an item. A seller will lower down the price.


One way or another, you will have a great time trying all of these things in the City of Cebu. It is an amazing place on the planet, and it is an excellent ground for learning something new and different. All things here are easy to find, simple to do and all of them are affordable. Don’t forget to swim as long as you can.

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