Phaiser BHS-760 a Sports Headphone Review

You might like agree on the fact that if there is any computer peripheral that is most widely used in today’s market then it has to be a headphone. And when it comes to sports we just need that extra comfort to be added. This has been beautifully taken care by the wireless that is Bluetooth headsets making our work out sessions a little more fun for us.

A lot has been already spoken about the Swiss audio engineers manufactured Phaiser BHS-760, and with good reasons.

The Phasier BHS series is considered to have a great sound, and a strong built. However, according to the models, the features differ. The Phasier BHS 750, which we have reviewed in one of our previous posts, misses out on some of the things you may like about The Reviews from Ironhorsetrading about Phasier BHS 760.

What are they? We will take a look below.


If you are not well acquainted with why it has got its top notch position in the market, let my personal journey with the product assist you to your perfect buying aspirations. Take a look at some of the key features that you might like to term as unbeatable at the price they are given at.


The Top Benefits of the Phaiser BHS-760


This is my personal review on the product. Hope it proves to be of some help for you in your correct buy.

I have reviewed this product on the basis of some criteria measuring their degree of effective functionality.


BHS-760 Bluetooth HeadphonesDesign and built: Designed by the Swiss engineers this product will definitely last you for what you called for years. Its sturdy build with a good combination of metallic sheath does make it look like one of the classiest gadgets of the time. To put up more to its credit, it is designed such that it can render you an extended battery life, high durability, and a top-notch audio output system.

Speaking of its design, it has one of the most comfortable designs with earphone tips secured at its perfect fit with the wing to hold on t your earbud during harsh activities.

Guarded by Liquipel water safe technology: Ideal for sports, this product is specifically designed to meet long session usages. Thus, even if you are wet and soggy with sweat, you do not need to think about the safety of your device as it is water protected in all cases.

An additional feature that might boost your confidence towards this product is the lifetime warranty that the product renders with each buy. The company has a policy for every damaged item caused by either water or sweat to be replaced. It doesn’t matter how old it is that you are using the product.

Loaded inclusive accessories: One of the best features of the Phaiser BHS-760 that I have been enjoying by far in my seven months of usage is that they are a consumer-centric company. Instead of only revenue generation, they focus a lot on customer satisfaction.

Getting a pack for yourself, you may be surprised to see the main order is a free USB charging cable, extra tips and hooks and a solid protective case to cover the product. Leaving the classy black color, you may choose between the checkered color options of red, blue, green, and purple to suit your personal choice.

Magnet to save time: This feature is an exclusive addition of this product. The magnet makes sure that the headphone is installed firmly around your neck. You can find a minute neodymium that the product has installed behind each of the earbuds so as to cling it together. As for my experience, this feature has been very helpful during short breaks or bio breaks of mine.

Powerful sound quality: If you are to spend to spend your money on a buy that will deliver hi end sound output, then this is the one for you. The all-new Phaiser BHS-760 is not just good in terms of audio but excellent especially at a price they are delivered. With an 8mm speaker with the A2DP at each of the earbuds, it is probably one of the best headphone you can think of for sound quality.

Highly durable: While buying a product I guess durability is one such important aspect that we all want to make sure of. And why not after all we are investing our money on it. So, in that case, the Phaiser BHS-760 is a champion. Protected with aluminum-magnesium alloy on the exterior part of each earbud, this element has definitely given the product the stout design and texture. Also, this is the reason of its durability.

High end microphone: If the main reason of your wireless headphone buy is a high-end quality audio output, then you might like to consider this product.

Coming with an inline controller that is attached firmly to the microphone, it allows you to carry the process of incoming and outgoing calls seamless. I have been using this since the time I have bought the product. The sound quality produced on the other end is just beautifully natural. I have been testing with a friend’s Oppo f1s.


waterproof phaiser bhs 760

The Final Verdict:


I loved the microphone on offer – it’s one of those multi-use headphones that you could use for just about anything, from Skyping with your friends, to playing with other gamers in a gaming tournament to just listening to music – and it does seem to do all of its jobs really well.


Given the fact that it is highly durable too, and one of the top Phaiser models, it should feature on your serious buying list.


The Phaiser BHS-760 is a highly recommendable Bluetooth product for multi-purpose use. However, putting a cherry on the top is the accessibility of such high end features at such a flat price. I would always say ‘thumbs up’ for this product when it comes for sports.


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