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How To Find A Good Cebu Real Estate Agent For Purchasing Or Selling A Property?

In Search for a good real estate agent in Cebu City?

Good Real Estate Agent

Whenever you buy a property or a big house, you are perhaps concerned on the financial aspects of your life. Some people don’t take careful steps, while procuring a house, and they often miss good opportunities. However, while you want to avoid all the mistakes in the selling or buying process, you can hire a real estate agent. The best agent enables you in finding the right house or in getting good clients. But, if you have not found a decent agent, then you may lose your money. That is why it’s better to meet the most experienced and skilled real estate agent.

Choosing your realty agent may affect the transaction process

Many buyers don’t understand the process of buying house. A buyer has to-

  • Get his loan
  • Locate a house
  • Negotiate the price
  • Do the inspection
  • Accomplish the process of having a loan


The best realty agents always assist in all these processes. While an inexperienced agent spoils anything, it may lead to the end of the deal.

The good agents also have these traits

  • InteractionInteraction– It is a very significant aspect of agents because they have to communicate openly and directly with all those, who are engaged in the deal. They also work with inspectors, lenders and many more to ensure smooth operation of the process.
  • Knowledge– All the skilled buyers’ and sellers’ agents should be aware of their deeds. Every transaction on real estate may be different. An agent has to gain experience in the relevant field.
  • Sincerity and honesty– These are the most valuable things that the good agents should have. They must not say lie on anything.
  • Nature of the service– Some agents work only as part-time service providers, and they may not be able to satisfy the clients in every case. Property agents should always have an interaction the clients by receiving their calls. Many buyers like to visit the site of their property at weekend or during nighttime. They do not want to delay the process for several days. However, all part-time professionals may not be always undesirable. You only need to ensure that they work with flexible routine, according to your convenience. Thus, these factors are much important while looking for a real estate agent in any area.


Common signs that you see in the best agents

It is not easy for the buyers to recognize whether the property agent is bad or good. Until there is anything wrong, you perhaps cannot make it out. However, you can make questions on the following things to gain confidence on the agent.

Experience of the agentsExperience of the agents

New real estate agents may not be always unacceptable. In fact, many of them work with other agents, who are experienced. As the skilled ones are helping the novice professionals, they may manage everything perfectly.

Knowledge on the market

Perhaps, you cannot understand whether the agents are well-informed of their own work. You are not familiar to some property-related terms. But, you can ask questions to them on different things-

  • The age of a house
  • Price of a house- More or less than the actual value of the market
  • Whether a house can be eligible for a loan on the basis of its present condition
  • Cost of inspecting a house
  • The time period needed for closing the deal
  • Overall costs, related to the purchase of a house


Get advice from other professionals

You can speak to some other professionals in the field of real estate. These professionals may not hesitate to give reference of sellers or buyers, particularly if the required service isn’t their specialty. Some of the agents have expertise only in the reselling residential house, whereas others may work with the house constructors.  Many agents or representatives just sell commercial property. You can also contact brokers to get the information on agents because brokers usually have knowledge on good agents.

In conclusion, it is to be said that a success in your real estate transaction depends on the qualities and experience of the agents. If you have chosen any wrong person, you may not be able to get a wonderful house in the chosen locality. Besides, as a seller, you can also miss best clients for profitable deals. With the above recommendations, you may try to find out the most experienced, thoughtful and expert agents. You can also be happy after the process is over. To avoid all intricacies, it is better to call real estate agents.



Phaiser BHS-760 a Sports Headphone Review

You might like agree on the fact that if there is any computer peripheral that is most widely used in today’s market then it has to be a headphone. And when it comes to sports we just need that extra comfort to be added. This has been beautifully taken care by the wireless that is Bluetooth headsets making our work out sessions a little more fun for us.

A lot has been already spoken about the Swiss audio engineers manufactured Phaiser BHS-760, and with good reasons.

The Phasier BHS series is considered to have a great sound, and a strong built. However, according to the models, the features differ. The Phasier BHS 750, which we have reviewed in one of our previous posts, misses out on some of the things you may like about The Reviews from Ironhorsetrading about Phasier BHS 760.

What are they? We will take a look below.


If you are not well acquainted with why it has got its top notch position in the market, let my personal journey with the product assist you to your perfect buying aspirations. Take a look at some of the key features that you might like to term as unbeatable at the price they are given at.


The Top Benefits of the Phaiser BHS-760


This is my personal review on the product. Hope it proves to be of some help for you in your correct buy.

I have reviewed this product on the basis of some criteria measuring their degree of effective functionality.


BHS-760 Bluetooth HeadphonesDesign and built: Designed by the Swiss engineers this product will definitely last you for what you called for years. Its sturdy build with a good combination of metallic sheath does make it look like one of the classiest gadgets of the time. To put up more to its credit, it is designed such that it can render you an extended battery life, high durability, and a top-notch audio output system.

Speaking of its design, it has one of the most comfortable designs with earphone tips secured at its perfect fit with the wing to hold on t your earbud during harsh activities.

Guarded by Liquipel water safe technology: Ideal for sports, this product is specifically designed to meet long session usages. Thus, even if you are wet and soggy with sweat, you do not need to think about the safety of your device as it is water protected in all cases.

An additional feature that might boost your confidence towards this product is the lifetime warranty that the product renders with each buy. The company has a policy for every damaged item caused by either water or sweat to be replaced. It doesn’t matter how old it is that you are using the product.

Loaded inclusive accessories: One of the best features of the Phaiser BHS-760 that I have been enjoying by far in my seven months of usage is that they are a consumer-centric company. Instead of only revenue generation, they focus a lot on customer satisfaction.

Getting a pack for yourself, you may be surprised to see the main order is a free USB charging cable, extra tips and hooks and a solid protective case to cover the product. Leaving the classy black color, you may choose between the checkered color options of red, blue, green, and purple to suit your personal choice.

Magnet to save time: This feature is an exclusive addition of this product. The magnet makes sure that the headphone is installed firmly around your neck. You can find a minute neodymium that the product has installed behind each of the earbuds so as to cling it together. As for my experience, this feature has been very helpful during short breaks or bio breaks of mine.

Powerful sound quality: If you are to spend to spend your money on a buy that will deliver hi end sound output, then this is the one for you. The all-new Phaiser BHS-760 is not just good in terms of audio but excellent especially at a price they are delivered. With an 8mm speaker with the A2DP at each of the earbuds, it is probably one of the best headphone you can think of for sound quality.

Highly durable: While buying a product I guess durability is one such important aspect that we all want to make sure of. And why not after all we are investing our money on it. So, in that case, the Phaiser BHS-760 is a champion. Protected with aluminum-magnesium alloy on the exterior part of each earbud, this element has definitely given the product the stout design and texture. Also, this is the reason of its durability.

High end microphone: If the main reason of your wireless headphone buy is a high-end quality audio output, then you might like to consider this product.

Coming with an inline controller that is attached firmly to the microphone, it allows you to carry the process of incoming and outgoing calls seamless. I have been using this since the time I have bought the product. The sound quality produced on the other end is just beautifully natural. I have been testing with a friend’s Oppo f1s.


waterproof phaiser bhs 760

The Final Verdict:


I loved the microphone on offer – it’s one of those multi-use headphones that you could use for just about anything, from Skyping with your friends, to playing with other gamers in a gaming tournament to just listening to music – and it does seem to do all of its jobs really well.


Given the fact that it is highly durable too, and one of the top Phaiser models, it should feature on your serious buying list.


The Phaiser BHS-760 is a highly recommendable Bluetooth product for multi-purpose use. However, putting a cherry on the top is the accessibility of such high end features at such a flat price. I would always say ‘thumbs up’ for this product when it comes for sports.


ASUS ROG STRIX GL503 Review – One of the best gaming laptop brands

The recent advances in the computer industry have made possible huge computational powers at very little cost.

Asus is one of the few companies which are new in the gaming market but rapidly expanding by launching new products all the time.


What’s Great About It?

The most crucial test for a gaming laptop: does it run games smoothly? Asus ROG GL503 definitely passes this test. It handles most of the game smoothly, and the default settings are pretty solid. You can miss a few fps when compared to some other laptops in this category, but overall it gives an average experience and doesn’t disappoint.


When compared to other laptops in the segment like Lenovo Legion, and Dell Inspiron, the gaming experience is good, and you don’t notice any major performance lag. It runs games like Battlefield 1, which is particularly well optimized for the GTX 1050, between 42 and 53 fps on ultra settings at 1080p.


The Asus Gaming Center software which comes preloaded is a delight to see. It is one platform to monitor the usage and comes handy in case of performance dips. It shows you system specs, GPU and CPU memory and temperature, and fan speeds, along with audio and video specs.

On Geekbench 4, the Strix earned a score of 13,754, surpassing the average (10,291), Legion (12,971, Core i7-7700HQ), Inspiron (10,279, Core i5-7300HQ) and Aspire (10,145, Core i7-7700HQ) with ease.


What Would You Love About the Asus Strix GL503 Gaming Laptop?

Asus’ new ROG Strix GL503 is an attempt to get hold of the entry-level gaming laptop niche. The new ROG packs up a powerful 2.8GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 (4GB GDDR5 VRAM) to make your gaming experience at par with the leaders of the gaming laptops.


A Great Design

The USP of the laptop is its sleek and elegant design, which is modeled after the successful Asus Zephyrus. The black aluminum lid features a striking diagonal stripe and the ROG logo in a bronze color.

Asus has done a really nice job in revamping the designs, which are unprecedented for a $1099 laptop. It gives you the feel of an expensive gaming laptop.


Good Controls for Gameplay

The customizable RGB lit keypad adds to the splendor. These design specifics were reserved for expensive laptops, but Asus introduced it in an entry-level ROG Strix GL503, which definitely adds a plus in this laptop’s list of pros…

Asus ROG Strix GL503 review

A Great Display

Apart from the design, the most striking feature of the laptop is its display. It is truly gorgeous. According to Topprobe.com – Asus ROG GL503 offers full-HD 1920×1080 display on a 15.6-inch panel with more than 250 Nits brightness.

The display is so good that you will doubt it’s a 1440p. Games and movies look fantastically crisp, clean and colorful. This can be a dealmaker for many. The display renders true color and games look coming to life.


Good Number of Ports

It comes with wifi, Bluetooth connectivity and you can find a port for all your needs be it LAN port, USB or any other. It has a full HD webcam as well which works perfectly fine. Despite a powerful cooling system, it weighs only 2.3kg which is the average weight in this segment.


What About the Sound?

The speakers are also loud and the voice is clear with the default settings, but when you try to go for full volume there is slight distortion.


What Isn’t as Great?

The keypad is not special as it does not attract attention, neither positive nor negative. But the trackpad is irksome. It has got strange click sounds and you do not feel comfortable gaming with it. Nevertheless, you can always opt for a mouse.


So, is this the best gaming laptop in its category? I would not say so. There are definitely some down-sides to this beauty.


  1. A Not so Great Battery Life

The battery life of the laptop is average. It lasted only 3 hours with just browsing the web over wireless, which is way below than the average. There are no heating issues, but the fans can get noisy sometimes.


  1. Hybrid SSD Doesn’t Work as Great

The hybrid SSD storage let down the performance considerably and it was really disappointing to see a gaming laptop lag while booting and accessing memory. The hard drive speed lingers at 32 MB/s opposed to other laptops in the segment which go up to 250 MB/s. The storage is 1TB FireCuda SSHD, common to these type of laptops.


  1. A Good Amount of Bloatware

GL503 comes with 64-bit Windows 10 Pro and together with it comes numerous bloatware. This bloatware are really irritating and surely affects the performance of the laptop. Otherwise, it’s Windows bloat as usual, including Drawboard PDF, Keeper, Plex, Candy Crush Soda Saga, March of Empires: War of Lords, and Skype.


  1. Could Have a Better Warranty Period

Asus sells the ROG Strix GL503 with a one-year warranty. The consumer support service by Asus is world-class, so you do not have to worry about after sales problems. Asus has a global presence.



Is it worth the money?


This gets complicated.


You can easily pick up a GTX 1060 and GTX 1050ti with only hundred or two more bucks, so why settle at GTX 1050 that the GL503 offers. Dell has introduced Inspiron 15 7000 at just $899, and it comes with a GTX 1060. If you are keen on the gaming experience, you should consider other alternatives as well.


You can either save money and still enjoy the performance on this machine, or you can go with a little costlier one and enjoy the raw power of one of the most powerful GPUs available in the industry. But if you want a computational power of a gaming laptop with elegant design and a marvelous display, it is a deal.


So, Asus ROG Strix GL503 is a gorgeous machine with average power, and it may not be the best in the segment, but it manages to stand out with its aesthetics.


If you want to go with it, we seriously recommend you to upgrade the hard drive( which is quite easy and configurable) as it will help you avoid those memory access lag. You should also consider using a mouse over the trackpad. It will save you time and some eerie feelings.

Is it a Bad Idea to Leave Your Laptop Plugged in All the Time?

Laptops, the portable incarnations of full-size desktops, is what many of us swear by today. Whether we work in the IT or just from home, laptops can come in handy anytime. With added portability and wireless capabilities, laptops can sure make work easier.


There are some of us keep our laptops hooked on to the power outlets whenever we can find one, while others wouldn’t want to plug in even when the battery level drops below 10%.


The question – is it the best way to optimize your laptop’s battery life?


Laptop Batteries and their Common Concerns

When it comes to laptop worries, batteries are one of the first things to keep in mind. They will need replacing every few years, even if the laptop works great otherwise since batteries are bound to get exhausted from use.


The more you charge and discharge it, the sooner would you have to find a new battery. Typical laptop batteries come in two types: lithium-ion and lithium-polymer.

Although they are technologically different, they broadly function in the same way – with the charge being generated with the movement of electrons.


These can be fully charged and discharged for about 300-500 times before they show any signs of stress or overuse.

Should I Leave My Laptop Plugged

Should You Keep Your Laptop Plugged In?

Here are some of the things that you should know which can help you answer your question easily.


  1. Know if your battery can be overcharged

A laptop’s battery can never technically be ‘overcharged’. There are numerous fail-safe systems built into your laptop that cease the charging process once the system knows the batteries are at 100%.


  1. Know what causes battery damage

Fully discharging a battery and leaving it over time will damage it. Batteries can be permanently damaged if left without a charge for weeks along. This is so because, without any charge, the chemical composition of the battery will be susceptible to change if kept in the discharged state for too long and it can render the chemical process irreversible.


This doesn’t mean you should leave it on 100% as storing them in this state is also not ideal. It will take months together to cause catastrophic damage to it.


Nevertheless, if you plan on not using your laptop for a month or two and would like to have a longer battery shelf life, charge it to about 50% and remove it and store it someplace safe, cool and dry.


  1. Try To Keep Your Battery in the Optimum Condition

It is a good idea to shut down your laptop when you are not using it. This ensures that your battery does not drain out unnecessarily, which can help prolong the battery shelf life. Additionally, you need to note that the longer you use the battery, the shorter would its shelf life become.


  1. Remove the battery If You Can

If you are not going to use your laptop for a while, it is a good idea to remove the battery from the back. You can only do this if your laptop has a removable battery but doing so ensures that your battery isn’t exposed to any heat which could lessen its battery life.


Can You Leave Your Laptop On

So can we leave laptops charging indefinitely?


With all this being said, is it okay to leave your batteries charged for all eternity? Well, not quite so.


Here’s why:

  • Batteries may not be affected by ‘overcharge’ as people think. However, they definitely are sensitive to the heat generated.
  • Elevated temperatures, in excess of over 50 degrees Celsius will certainly shorten the lifespan of the battery irrespective of all the other factors.
  • Various components in a laptop will give out heat and leave your laptop powered on for long amounts of time will certainly cause more trouble than you think.
  • Although they may not be immediately apparent, various studies conducted have shown that a typical laptop battery used for about 10 hours in its maximum capacity with the charger connected decreased the charge cycles it could withstand by almost half.


This is why industries often express concern with keeping their batteries connected for long. If you’re absolutely concerned with causing no damage and extending your battery life to it’s maximum, you can remove the battery and leave the laptop connected in order to keep it away from the heat.


What If You Buy a New Laptop?


Newer advancements in heat dissipation technologies are changing the situation. Newer laptops come with a clock and can protect itself if it gets a tad bit too warm.

Even Apple, whose website asked users to not leave batteries in their Macbooks plugged in for a long time, doesn’t say it anymore. Dell doesn’t have a problem with leaving their batteries in charge indefinitely.

However, HP advises against leaving them plugged in for more than two weeks.

Different tech companies have different opinions; some say their batteries will never be affected when kept for a charge for a long time. Others advise against it.


The bottom line:

Is it okay to leave your laptop charged for a long time? Possibly so.


However, it isn’t a good idea to try and have your laptop at the 100% level all the time. Sure, your battery will wear down with time either way, but you do need to carry out discharge cycles once a while to have a healthy battery. Occasional discharges and recharges, for instance, is known to help your battery calibrate better with the device. Put the battery through full charge cycles occasionally – like once a month.

It can help them get the right battery level to you. So, you won’t have your Windows laptop telling you there is around 20% power left when it’s actually zero and you find your laptop just shutting down suddenly in the middle of work.

No matter what you do, do remember that your laptop’s battery will have less capacity or energy with time and you will need a replacement sooner than later. Ensuring proper practices just helps you get a better battery for a longer period of time.

Do note that your laptop battery will decrease its effectiveness over time no matter what you do, saving them from the heat will only increase the time left before they die out.

Best Checking Accounts For Seniors And Students

Checking accounts are available to all of us, and they come with a variety of features. However, today is common to find a checking account specifically introduced for seniors or students. In most aspects, these accounts are different and have a different demand/offering requirements. Nevertheless, the best checking accounts for seniors and students are more than just essential. Another, good thing we will mention is that more and more banks offer this type of auditors.

Checking accounts for students

Checking accounts for students are developed for all people age 18-24. Some banks may offer the account for those in high school, but not necessarily. In many terms, they are completely different than checking accounts for seniors.

The entire point of having this type of account is to get affordable features, while still obtaining decent possibilities. As such, these accounts are ideal for ATMs cash withdrawal and for people who need simple credit cards. All of the credit cards are designed to function with as low balance as possible.

Obviously, free monthly maintenance of the account is mandatory, and there isn’t a point in having an account with a fee of $20 or even more.

accounts for students

Checking accounts for seniors

All seniors will use their checking accounts in a different way than students and adults. For example, they prefer checks, cash withdrawal is rare, and features for savings are mandatory. As a result, most banks offer precisely that. Their checking accounts are optimized for limited cash withdrawal, come with low fees and provide free checks.

We must point out that not all the banks have the same senior-approval requirements. For some, you must be 50 years old or older, while most others require from you to be 60 years.

Addition types of checking accounts which will be suitable for students and seniors

Just because you are a student or a senior, it doesn’t mean you are obligatory to get one of two mentioned accounts. In a matter of fact, we have several other subtypes of checking accounts which may be suitable for you.

  • Tech-based accounts- These accounts have the ability to incorporate all the latest features and demands of the market and users, related to the online shopping, online safety, and mobile coverage. Additional possibilities such are several different accounts, and mobile notifications are available.
  • Premium accounts- If you have a high monthly income or a significant amount of funds on your account, a bonus account is essential for you. There are specialized accounts for seniors and students. Just some of the benefits are the higher credit loans and better saving rates.
  • Reward checking accounts- We believe that this type of auditors is solely for students. It allows them to get rewards such are higher interests rates and free ATM usage but only if a user meets the demands. Usually, those demands are purchases via debit card per month.

Best checking accounts for students

checking accounts for students

Here are the best checking accounts offered by some of the best-known banks. All of them are primarily focused on students.

  1. Citibank Student Account

With $0 fee when you use other ATMs and the same amount of money for a monthly fee, this account is just the best for students. Balance to avoid the fee is also $0. There are 58 branches of the bank, which isn’t much but is enough.

  1. Bank of America- Core checking

With 98 branches across the country, this may be the best option, if you travel. Using other banks, ATM is $2.50, which is the main difference compared to the previous bank. Other fees are $0.

Best checking accounts for seniors

If you are a senior, you will have a different needs for your checking account. Here are two banks which may be the right choice.

  1. Charles Schwab Bank High-Yield Investor Checking

All fees are $0 (monthly fee, opening deposit, balance to avoid fee), while the interests are 0.10%. 24/7 customer support is available as well.

  1. Travis Credit Union Silver Wings Checking

Travis Credit Union Silver Wings Checking will require a deposit of $1, which isn’t a big deal. Other than that, all the requirements are the same as for the former bank.


Checking accounts for students and seniors are not something most people know about them. They are still rare and may be difficult to find in your hometown. But, they are just perfect if you are a student or senior thanks to the features and possibilities solely invented for your demands. Don’t forget that there are a variety of accounts to choose from!

What Is Hustle And Why Wealthy Entrepreneurs Have It Mastered


One of the most common words that you will hear about sports is the hustle. Hustle is a term that is related to a player going all out, never quitting, giving it is all in every situation. Frequently you will hear coaches yelling at their players to give them more hustle, as they try to egg on their players to work even harder.

The Need for Hustle in Business


Hustle seems to make a lot of sense when you’re talking about someone on the sports field, but when you’re discussing running your own business, it doesn’t seem to be a good choice of words. Despite this, hustle is an important part of being a successful entrepreneur because it requires every bit of your energy and will to be able to be a successful business owner.

Any successful entrepreneur is going to have to put in long hours, work virtually every day, and spend the vast majority of their energy trying to make their business ago. This is not easy in any way, and so having hustle to go out and find advertisers, promote the business well, get the right product, and lead consumers to your business are incredibly important if a person is going to wind up having a successful business. You simply have to have hustle to be able to succeed.

Where Hustle Can Benefit the Success of Your Business

Success of Your Business

A business owner or entrepreneur has to have mastered the art of hustle if they are going to be successful in business. It’s a requirement because you have to dedicate so much of your life to make yourself and your business a success.

What is important to understand is that hustle can lead to so many kinds of achievement within your business. By giving all the hustle that you have to get your business going, you can make your organization a winner.

The first benefit that comes from having a lot of hustle is that it helps you to be able to get ahead of your competitors. The more you are willing to give, the more you are ahead of them. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small organization or a large one, if you are giving it your all, you are going to have a greater chance of success than your competitors will.

Hustle can also help you to find customers and vendors before anyone else does. By being willing to go after each person, you can bring into your store or organization, and by working harder than everyone else to find vendors that can help to reduce costs, you give yourself an even better chance of success. You will soon find that it is things like this that can put you over the top regarding having a successful business.

You also benefit by demonstrating your expectation with your employees. When they see that you are willing to hustle to make the organization an incredible success than they are willing to give more as well. They will follow your model.

Amazing things that many people enjoy in Cebu City

Cebu offers plenty of great activities and even more possibilities. If you are planning to visit the place, make sure to experience most of them! Due to the position of the city and climate, most of the attractions are related to water, but there are several which are more focused on land and similar activities. City tour Cebu will make all things we will discuss here easy to find.

  • Scuba diving

Scuba diving

The first and the most important to do while in Cebu is to go scuba diving. People from all parts of the world come here just to see the marine environment. The best part is the fact; there are plenty of different places where you can dive. Each one offers different advantages and different scenarios.

Capitancillo Island is the most common place where scuba divers usually come. Here, you can dive up to 50 feet below the surface, and the visibility is 30 meters. Corals, fish and the sea floor are more than just stunning. Mactan Island is a more difficult place to go for scuba diving. The maximum depth is around 180 feet, while visibility is incredible 100 meters.

  • Try Jeepney

Try Jeepney

Jeepney or better-known Jeep is a type of public transport characteristic to the Philippines, especially Cebu. It is available here and only here, so nowhere else you can try this thing. We said a thing because it is hard to define this vehicle. In essence, it is a long car which was adapted for transporting passengers. The base is usually an old Jeep or an SUV. What makes it unique are vivid colors and large openings at the back. No, there is no air conditioning nor any advanced features.

At the front, there is a place for just one passenger, but you can ride next to the driver and conductor. At the back, there is a lot of space for more than six passengers. Keep in mind that each Jeepney has a route on its side. You can see starting and finishing locations. Addition: While you are trying the public transport, make sure to try tricycles. They are more affordable, and they offer plenty of fun.

  • Visit Cebu Shopping Mall and enjoy shopping

Cebu Shopping Mall

Cebu is home to one of the largest shopping malls in the Philippines and some of the best-known shopping centers in the entire province. The first place to visit for shopping is the Cebu Shopping Mall. Here, you can find anything you like.

Shopping here is the most important thing you can do. Some items and gadgets cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. Prices are more than just affordable, and you can always have a great time with sellers. The entire shopping mall in question is focused on tourists, so you can see amusing things and enjoy this architectural wonder.

  • Go to a Zumba class

Go for a Zumba class

Zumba is one of the top skills of Philippians, so it is something you should try. Take at least one class and learn something new. The rates are more than just affordable, and there are courses at the shopping malls, at the parks and in several places across the city. Make sure to have a good night’s sleep before you go to class. It will consume most of your energy.

This activity is slightly different here than in other cities in Visaya Province. It is more intense and requires more energy. Nevertheless, it is one of the main things to try while in City of Cebu.

  • Try fantastic food

Try amazing food

It is believed that people in the city of Cebu make the best and the most delicious food in the Philippines. They also claim that they have invented plenty of different meals during the history. All of this means just one thing. You must try all of them. The main reason why is the same as with other things on the list. All foods available here are rare and unavailable in other parts of the world. The biggest question is what must be tried?

Lechon is the central element of any Cebu attraction guide, and it is the main specialty here. Obviously, you can try it anywhere you want. But, we will advise you to try whole roasted pig. The meal is delicious, and there is plenty of meat to eat. The second main type of food to work is street food. It is one of a kind, and it can be found anywhere. If you have issues finding it, just tell the driver to take you close to the Chong Hua Hospital.

  • Enjoy the sunrise

Enjoy the sunrise

Obviously, due to the position of the island, sunrises here are stunning. Believe or not, each tourist who experienced this morning wanted to come again, just for it. To help you avoid making the same mistake, we advise you to wait for the morning the first time you are here. But, there are a few tips to remember.

Always try to be in the east of the island. There the sunrises are the best. The Malapascua Island is the central location for the job. Also, bring a camera, because you will want to take a picture of it. Soon after the sunrise, water will get warm, so morning swimming is an option.

  • Eat ice-cream at IT Park

Eat ice-cream at IT park

Of all places where you can get an ice cream in Cebu, IT Park is the most recommended one. The area is entirely focused on tourists and restaurants, so you won’t have a problem eating something you like. The best ice cream and the one you must try is Brownie a la Mode. It is available at several restaurants at the IT Park, so look for it.

While you are at IT Park, make sure to explore all the sides of it. During the day, this is a business place, so it isn’t fun, but at night, it is a great party place. There are always new and friendly people here, and it is all about having great fun.

  • See the entire city from 600 meters above sea level

600 meters above sea level

Above the city is the place called Tops Lookout. You will need around 100 pesos to get in and around 150 pesos to get there, using a taxi (habal-habal). So, why you need to explore this place? It offers an amazing view which cannot be obtained anywhere else in the City of Cebu. The altitude is 600 meters above the sea level, and it allows you to see far beyond the city itself.

Make sure to get there when the weather is clear because only then you can get the view we have described. When a day is sunny, you can even see Bohol. Next, to the Tops Lookout, there are souvenir shop and a small restaurant. If you have time, spend some of it there. You probably will come here just one time.

  • Explore one of the mountains

Explore one of the mountains

There are several mountains close to the city. Usually, people spend the entire holiday on a beach and in the city itself, but real adventurers like something extraordinary. The top mountains for this activity are Manunggal and Kan Iraq. Both of them are relatively easy to explore, but the result is phenomenal.

While you are on a mountain, why not camp for a night or two? The temperatures are always warm here, and you won’t have to go far away from the city to find a great camping spot. In a matter of fact, most of them are 30 minutes outside the City of Cebu. All of this means that camping is safe and highly desirable.

  • Buy something at a local market

something at a local market

Even if you don’t need anything particular, you can still visit a local market in the downtown of the city and buy something. There are several advantages of this experience. First and foremost, it is one place in the Philippines where you can see the mixture of the culture, modern technologies, and beautiful creations. The market you must visit is called Carbon. It is known for a crowd of people who will try to sell you almost anything. A good thing is the fact prices are low, and you can even bargain to make them even lower.

Maybe the first time you are here, you will weird or strange, but give it some time. After a few minutes, you will realize how great this experience is. Almost every single person who visited the market bought something, the so chances are high that you will as well. Top tip: Always try uninterested into an item. A seller will lower down the price.


One way or another, you will have a great time trying all of these things in the City of Cebu. It is an amazing place on the planet, and it is an excellent ground for learning something new and different. All things here are easy to find, simple to do and all of them are affordable. Don’t forget to swim as long as you can.